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Learn Online Learning Scores
Our system of Learning Scores help you learn words quickly and effectively.
Here's how it works:

New Words

All new words have a learning score of 0/10. The first time that a word appears in a game, we give the word a temporary score of 5/10 - because you might or might not have seen the word before.

When you get a word right, the score is increased by 1 point (i.e. to 6/10 for new words). The score is reduced by 3 points (i.e. to 2/10 for new words) when you get a word wrong.

Word Selection
If there are any words in the current game session - the selected word packs - that have a score of 0/10 (i.e. new words that have not yet been presented), then we present those words. Once there are no words with a score of 0/10, then we select words randomly, giving higher priority to those words that have a lower score (i.e. words which you are having more difficulty with)

Online Game Control

We also give you the option to increase or decrease the score of individual words, depending on how well you feel you know the word. You can also choose to stop learning a particular word if you feel that you have learnt it. Plus, there is an option to reset the scores for all the words in a particular session to 0/10.

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